Is hypnosis what you think it is?

What comes to mind when you hear the word hypnosis?

There are so many misunderstandings related to what hypnosis is, how hypnosis works and how hypnosis feels. Much of the confusion surrounding hypnosis is perpetuated by movies and stories which are not scientifically correct. These unhelpful views have become exaggerated over time. In fact hypnosis is a scientifically proven process we all experience naturally in everyday life.

At Glo Clinical Hypnosis we want to demystify hypnosis and have you feel safe and confident to experience the power of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is created by focusing your attention completely on one idea and allowing everything else to move into the background. As you engage your imagination (and it doesn’t matter whether you think you have a good or bad imagination) you will notice that your body and mind start to believe what you’re imagining. During hypnosis the analytical or critical part of your mind quietens, allowing you to experience what you are imagining as being real.

Your suggestions can be delivered by yourself in self -hypnosis, ( which you may be taught during your session) or can be presented to you by a Glo Clinical Hypnosis professional to provide you with the skills you need to reach your desired outcome. If this sounds familiar… is.

Think about what happens when you daydream, when you read a compelling book, when you become enthralled by a story, become totally absorbed in a movie or listen to a piece of music that transports you… This is Hypnosis in action in everyday life.

At Glo we professionally and ethically utilise this everyday experience to guide you and help you achieve what you want from life, free from limiting beliefs and limitations.

What can hypnosis help me with?

At Glo Clinical Hypnosis we keep it simple. It’s true that hypnosis can help address a long list of conditions, but we prefer to think of hypnosis as a strategy to give you back control over the way you think, feel and behave regardless of the situation. Regardless of the condition, hypnosis gives you choice.

So, look at it this way… Hypnosis can help you

1. STOP what’s no longer helpful or good for you, such as unwanted habits or phobias;

2. START doing what you want to do and

3. Be BETTER at what you do, such as academic performance, sport or public speaking

You can take control of habits such as smoking, nail biting or over-eating. You will manage the anxiety and stress of everyday living. You may even take control of debilitating panic attacks, obsessive compulsive behaviours, or post-traumatic stress triggered by past events.

Hypnosis can help you improve performance in sport, academic pursuits or pain control. It can help you overcome fear of heights, flying or public speaking and even grief.

We know from proven experience that hypnosis can put control back in your hands.