2 Minutes 2 Calm Video Series

“2 Minutes 2 Calm” is a collection of videos teaching you our favourite techniques backed by science that help you take back control of your anxiety, demonstrated and taught by the Medical Directors of GLO Clinical Hypnosis.

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Everyone feels anxious or stressed at times…and when you do, everything around you seems overwhelming. Let us teach you some of our favourite techniques, backed by science that many of our patients find helpful. These quick techniques help you take back control. Isn’t that worth the cost of a few coffees or a few minutes of your time? By now, you may have tried many different things but are still needing an extra something that actually works.

2 Minutes 2 Calm” is that extra something. It is a series of 6 short techniques that are demonstrated and taught by the Medical Directors of GLO Clinical Hypnosis. These are very easy to learn and even easier to use and have been proven over time to reduce the unpleasant experience associated with anxiety. Watch the videos and practice the techniques regularly (find the ones that work best for you) -the only thing you have to lose is the anxiety.

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Let us guide you into a wonderful relaxation experience as you listen to this recording. By following the simple instructions on the recording, you can allow yourself to become deeply relaxed.

But it’s even more than that-when you listen regularly to “Be Still”, you will be developing your skills to respond to hypnotic suggestion, making it easier for you to experience hypnosis when you choose to visit or consult with us on video

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